New Books and Book Reviews

There are new books in the library and they're waiting for you to read  them!  If you're curious what we have, you have two options for finding new books:


Option #1: You can go directly to the library catalog.  On the front page of Destiny, you'll see a box that lists all of the new books in the Media Center.  Click HERE to learn how to use the catalog from home.


Option #2: You can go to the UDHS Media Center Goodreads website -


The books on this this site are sorted into "Bookshelves.'  Some of our bookshelves include New Books, Books from our Series Circle, and Books from the 2012-2013 MCIU Reading Olympics list.  To see any bookshelf, all you need to do is click on the shelf's name and it will take you directly to the list! 


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