Media Center Computer Lab Schedules


Right Below, there is a virtual version of the Media Center's Red & Black lab books. Hopefully, by having this available online, it will help and plan your lessons for the remainder of the school year!  Just see the calendar below for the labs in Room 201 and Room 251. You cannot sign up using the calendar; however, you can email me ( and I will put you in both the notebook and the virtual calendar. Computer Lab Room 201 is available all day, primarily serving the needs of teachers. Computer Lab Room 251, on the other hand, serves the needs of library-student patrons and teachers. The arrangement may change accordingly with the new technology plan and personal devices. The names in red refer to the Lab Room 201 and the names in purple refer to the names of teachers booked for Lab Room 251.

**Please Note: This virtual calendar is for planning purposes only. The red and black lab books will still hold the master schedule. The librarians will update the virtual calendar daily but the lab books will still be the most up-to-date version of the schedule.***



Library Media Center Lab Calendar 

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